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Sourcing, QC & Shipping

Product Sourcing 
Product Sourcing is actually an integrated solution which should be executed by professional and detail-oriented persons who are ideally familiar with local related markets and should be considered completed until the involved goods has been inspected and shipped. Meanwhile, the cooperation of foreign buyers in delivering us sufficient information about interested products in the process of sourcing plays an important part in our sourcing work, which will help us locate and source products from genuine wholesale suppliers. Therefore, a foreign buyer is required to firstly send us such information as logo, quantity, specification, size, color and even pictures of products, before we get down to the sourcing work.

1. Inquiry: You send us all necessary details of the products to purchase by E-mail, including material, logo, quantity, specification, size, model and color, your delivery address covering city, state/province, country, zip code, etc.

2. Judge: We will judge whether or not your interested products could be sourced based on your provided information.

3. Evaluation & Feedback: After basic evaluation and preliminary actual sourcing work, we will give you feedback about the real situations about the products.

4. Confirm and Pricing: If the products are available, we will prepare the pricing for you after our sourcing, or if the products could Not be searched out or sourced in China, we will expressly decline your sourcing requests in a timely way.

In most cases, we will try to directly source products from the existing goods of suppliers for a small quantity that meets the MOQ requirement of the suppliers. An appropriate number of samples/swatches are always suggested by us to firstly send to any foreign buyer for quality evaluation and confirmation before we are instructed to make the purchase of goods.

And for a large quantity of goods that need for mass production, under the circumstance of no existing goods is available, we will try to negotiate with capable suppliers for the best prices on the premise that products are quality-guaranteed.

Quality Control 
Product Quality Control can be broadly divided into the 5 phases of (1) Wholesaler/Factory Verification, (2) Pre-production Check, (3) During Production Follow-up, (4) Pre-shipment Check, and (5) Container Loading Check.

1. Supplier Verification: Before purchasing products from wholesale markets or placing an order with factories, we will verify the authenticity and production capacities of the wholesalers and the factories.

2. Pre-production Check: If the products could not be directly purchased from their existing goods in stock and have to be manufactured, before the production, we will re-confirm the PO (Purchase Order) details before their mass production to ensure accuracy.  

3. During-Production Follow-up: We will follow up and monitor the whole process of the production to ensure the production schedule goes smoothly and to minimize the occurrence of quality problem as well as make sure that there will be no any delay in goods delivery.

4. Pre-shipment Check: When collecting or receiving the products, we will immediately re-check the details of all products, including logo, material, quantity, size, color, packaging and any other details related to the products. This is a critical step prior to arrangement of shipping to guarantee that the whole process of the products is strictly in line with the manufacturing quality criterion.

5. Container Loading Check: During the container loading, we will ensure that the loading is handled gently, appropriately and normatively to avoid any damage to packaging and products. We will timely prepare and provide necessary paperwork and documents for Customs clearance, such as commercial invoice, packing list, certificate of origin (C/O), etc.

We fully realize that defective quality will be a headache for every customer and thus, we always do our best from beginning to end to minimize the risk arising from or in connection with a product of defective quality.